Frequently Asked Questions

The cruise duration can be very long for a young child. Even if our boats are spacious, they are still confined spaces. For parents, embarking with a young child risks having to cope with boredom after a few hours and not enjoying the cruise.

Taking part in outings does not require any special equipment. However, if you have binoculars, consider taking them. For birds in particular, their use can greatly improve the quality of observation. Don't forget your camera to capture these magical moments.

Yes, don't forget it!

At sea, the weather can be cool and changeable even in summer. Plan on a warm jacket, windbreaker or raincoat, closed shoes, a cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.

If you are prone to seasickness or you are not used to going to sea, it is advisable to take a travel sickness remedy. There are pills like Cocculine (one dose to swallow the day before and another just before departure) or Mercalm (a tablet to swallow half an hour before departure).This will allow you to fully enjoy the trip. Also be sure to have a good breakfast before departure and to feed and hydrate yourself throughout the day.

To maximise the probability of sightings, we do our best to give you every opportunity during our outings. This can take the form of:

- frequenting the passage and feeding areas of cetaceans and birds,

- approaching trawlers (often followed by many birds or dolphins) when this type of boat is present nearby,

- the presence on board of a team of observers whose role is to spot and point out the animals present,

- organising outings only when the weather conditions are favourable for observation.