General Terms & Conditions

Faune Océan is a naturalist cruise company.
Registered office: 22 Hent Lesquidic, 29170 Pleuven
Company °SIRET : 849 124 540
Limited company with a capital of 1000 Euros

Reservation and payment

Any reservation implies understanding and adhering to theseGeneral Conditions of Sale, without exception or reservation. To enjoy a wider choice of cruise dates, Faune Océan advises customers to book as early as possible.

Terms of payment

Our prices are in Euros with all taxes included.
Faune Océan reserves the right to change the rates at any time depending on economic conditions or for any other reason. Faune Océan offers payments facilities:by Stripe. Payment terms by Stripe are available on the website Security according to European standards is ensured by Stripe.
by cheque. Upon receipt of your payment by cheque we will will process your order within 3 to 5 days.

Delivery time

The service provision date corresponds to the date of the cruise purchased by the customer. This date is indicated in the confirmation mail received by the customer on completion of their order. In some cases Fauna Ocean may have to postpone the date of the outing (see Cancellation and refund).

Withdrawal period

The withdrawal period is 7 days, in accordance with Article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code. In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal by the client, Ocean Fauna will refund the amount of the reservation in theas soon as possible.

Boarding tickets

After receipt of payment, a boarding ticket is issued and sent to the customer by email. When boarding, the presenting the ticket (paper or digital format) is mandatory. Fauna Ocean declines any liability in case of forgetfulness, loss or theft of this ticket.

Gift voucher

The gift voucher is sent by email to the buyer upon receipt of payment. A gift certificate is specific to a named beneficiary and valid for a limited number of seasons (refer to the dates indicated on the Shop page). When the beneficiary receives the voucher, they contact Faune Océan by mail or telephone togive them the voucher reference. In return, Fauna Ocean will issue and mail the boarding ticket.

The purchase of a gift certificate implies adherence to these general sales conditions.

Cancellation and refunds

After the withdrawal period, all reservations are final.

The client's non-arrival on the day of the Reservation will not qualify for any refund. So, the customer should make sure that they can arrive on the day of departure and at the time indicated. A boarding ticket is valid for a specific date. No refund or exchange will be possible after validating the reservation. Any lost or stolen ticket can not be refunded or exchanged. Boarding can only be done upon presentation of the ticket. In the event of non-presentation of the ticket (paper or digital format) on the day of the cruise, boarding will be denied. In this case, no refunds or exchange will be possible.

Cetaceans, birds, sharks and other marine species are wild animals. Even if the probabilities of sighting are high, it is obviously not possible to guarantee seeing animals. In the event of no sighting, no refund or exchange will be made.

For technical reasons, logistics or weather, Faune Ocean may have to cancel a cruise. A cruise may also be cancelled if there is an insufficient number of reservations (less than 50 persons). As far as possible, a new date will then be offered to the client if places are available during later cruises. The customer should then contact Fauna Ocean by email or phone to arrange a date. In case Faune Océan cannot suggest another date or if the customer does not want to book another cruise, the full amount of the Reservation will be refunded as soon as possible.


Confirming outings

The outings are confirmed the day before. The customer should check that the trip is confirmed. There are two ways to do this :

Faune Océan reserves the right to change without notice the dates of its cruises, the sailing itinerary and the times of departure and arrival.

Boarding location

The piers are indicated in the corresponding cruise descriptions. On the day of the trip, the client should arrive at the pier 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Boarding ticket

Before the departure of the cruise, the customer is required to present their boarding ticket (and, where appropriate, that of other passengers for whom they have made a reservation) in print or digital (on the telephone). A passenger without a ticket will not be able to board under any circumstances.

Physical and medical aptitude

To the extent that the conditions of navigation at sea can be incompatible with certain health problems, every passenger must be in good physical condition with no medical contraindications for our proposed cruises.

The customer is responsible for evaluating their state of health, as well as their ability to handle seasickness. Faune Océan cannot be held responsible for a deterioration of the client's state of health occurring during or after a cruise.

Passengers under 16 years

Minors cannot board unaccompanied. They are under the responsibility of their legal guardian or their escort. In the case of a waiver (via an express request to Faune Océan), a minor of 16 years or older may be allowed to board without being accompanied by a adult.


The passenger is subject to the discipline of the ship under the authority of the boat’s. As such, passengers must respect the rules specific to the company operating the boat and the instructions given by Faune Océan, the captain of the vessel or any member of the crew.

Faune Océan and the boat operator’ staff are authorised to refuse access on board to a passenger whose behaviour would not be compatible with the safety of other passengers or the vessel or with the respect to wildlife. No refund or exchange ticket will be then be possible.

For safety reasons, no alcohol or drugs can be brought aboard.

Animals are not allowed on board.


In accordance with the regulations in force, Faune Océan and the ship owner have taken out their own professional liability insurance. This cannot, however, be a substitute for the individual civil liability cover which each participant should hold.

Material degradation

Faune Océan cannot be responsible in case of deterioration, loss or theft of objects belonging to the customer, due in particular to the movements of the boat as well as the state of the sea.

Any deterioration or modification of the vessel or equipment whatever by a customer may incur installation, removal or cleaning for restoration. These charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Image rights

The acceptance of the General Terms & Conditions means that the client, in the absence of written information to Faune Ocean, authorizes reproduction and representation of photographs and videos in case of report. As a result, the client authorizes Faune Océan to broadcast the images taken during his activity. The images can be exploited and used directly in all forms and all media known and unknown, without any limitation of duration (press, flyer, brochure, display, internet ...), for the promotion of the activities of Fauna Ocean. The client will not be entitled to any remuneration for the exploitation of the rights referred to in this paragraph.


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