e Sylvain e

Faune Océan is the outcome of a project born from the imagination of Sylvain Reyt.

Initially speech therapist, he gradually became passionate about nature. He ended up "taking the plunge" and making his passion his profession!

After being interested in terrestrial and marine birds, he was also interested in insects (dragonflies, butterflies, etc.) as well as larger animals (cetaceans)! After countless hours spent monitoring the birds migration, making naturalist trips in several countries, reading and writing publications about fauna ..., he ended up acquiring a solid knowledge about nature.

Also driven by the desire to share knowledge, for several years he organized voluntary naturalist outings and guides various observation trips in France and abroad.


e A Breton whale watching e

Faune Ocean has above all a naturalist spirit! If the pleasure and passion for observation are the driving forces behind this project, these cruises are also an excellent tool for raising environmental awareness and participating in the improvement of naturalist knowledge.

It is for this reason that, during the outings, each species is carefully identified and recorded by a team of observers. The data from these inventories are then made available to the naturalist and scientific community on various participatory science databases.

Spending a day offshore with Faune Océan means taking the time to search for animals, admire them and live the experience of naturalist practice!

For the public, the comments delivered on board are an opportunity to learn more about the fragile and unsuspected riches of Breton marine life. As the threats to the oceans and marine species are numerous, the cruise ends with a one-hour conference about these themes. Reflecting and discussing with the public helps to send a message of awareness and to make think about our consumption practices. This conference is also the way to learn almost everything about the amazing adaptations of cetaceans to aquatic life and to discover the endless migrations of seabirds!


e Our code of conduct e

Faune Océan is a company that aims to explore the marine fauna in Breton waters and the Bay of Biscay. To meet this objective, Faune Océan organises naturalist cruises for the general public.

In addition to observing nature, cruises are also the means:

  • to address the environmental issues of safeguarding species and their environment,
  • to contribute to scientific surveys.

To avoid disturbing marine animals and cetaceans in particular, Faune Océan is committed to respecting a certain number of rules:

  • Observation is interrupted when signs of discomfort or disturbance are noted (flight, acceleration, change of direction...).
  • In an area 300 metres around cetaceans, the speed of the boat is significantly reduced and the sounders and sonars are switched off.
  • We don't approach from behind (so as not to be perceived as a threat) but by a gradual trajectory parallel to that of the animals.
  • The boat adjusts its speed and positioning to the cetaceans: progressing at the same rate, without sudden movements, and set by the animals.
  • A minimum distance of 100 metres between the boat and the cetaceans (unless, of course, it is the cetaceans who take the initiative to approach us) is respected.
  • At the end of the observation, the boat adopts a course clearly indicating that it's leaving the area.
  • Avoiding disturbance also means not touching or feeding the animals.

Translation credits : Martin Castellan

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